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PagesUp to 200 pagesUp to 300 pagesUp to 350 pagesUp to 400
Manuscript Typeworkbook, devotional, any type of journal, or poetry publishednon fictionnon fictionAnthology (up to 10 authors, including host)
Number of Images13610
Number of Edits2 33 for cover & 4 for interior2 for cover and 2 per author interior
Cover Designyesyesyesyes
Next Level Strategy Session30 minutes60 minutes90 minute30 minutes per author
Timeframe3-6 months6-9 months9-12 months5-8 months
Author Book Copies2483 per author
Author T-ShirtYesYesYesYes
Social Media Graphics2231 per author
Payment Due100%100%100%100% per author
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God Restores Publishing, LLC was birthed from God’s instruction.  In December 2022, Veronica set out to publish her third memoir and God said, “No…help others become authors.”  In September 2023, Veronica spoke to her Pastor about hosting an anthology, titled God Restores.  That project included twelve aspiring authors who wanted to share their testimonies, heal, and help others…all while glorifying God.  The book was self-published in less than three months.  The life-changing experience birthed God Restores Publishing, LLC in February 2024.  GRP’s main focus is to follow the will of God by publishing books to bring individuals closer to Christ, while promoting self-healing, and making an impact on others and the community. 

Books distributed through Amazon will result in 70% net revenue to the author (with Amazon keeping the other 30% for their sales commission).  No money is remitted to GRP, as we are a services provider.  You only pay for services rendered.

GRP handles every aspect of the publishing process for our authors.  Our packages include an initial review with feedback, proofreading, editing, page design and typesetting, book cover design, ISBN assignment, copyright registration, and submission to Amazon.  We have à la carte services to cover only the aspects of publishing you need.   Most importantly, you retain all rights and ownership in your book and in all the work we create on your behalf.  We do not keep any of your royalties.

Yes! It will be sold through Amazon.

We publish and distribute our author’s books through Amazon.  We encourage our authors to purchase author copies to sell on their person to have available for book signings, book readings, speaking engagements or other events.

We are located in Starkville, MS in the U.S. We love to visit with aspiring authors when possible. Contact us so we can determine how best to service you. Appointments must be set to meet in a central location, via phone or via zoom.

Yes, you are free to switch publishers.  We would review the work, provide recommendations for improvements, and re-publish your manuscript as a “second edition.” 

Yes. We will show you how to order author copies from Amazon. We will not dictate or monitor your author purchases. We do not keep any royalties.

A completed manuscript that is typed in Microsoft Word, PDF, GoogleDocs, or any other text editor program file.

Please review our various publishing packages for an estimated timeframe.  The author’s turn-around time in reviewing and returning feedback is critical in staying on task with the project. 

Please review our various publishing packages and/or à la carte services for services that will fit your needs.  Our rates are comparable, competitive and affordable. While our authors undertake production, distribution and marketing of their book, their cost in the investments can be recovered by the author’s proceeds.  We do not claim royalty compensation.  You only pay for services rendered.

An invoice will be rendered after your consultation. The invoice will have various forms of payment to allow you to pay digitally. Payment must be paid in full before services are rendered.  Installments are also available.

The invoice you receive after the initial consultation is only valid through the due date provided on that quote or invoice.  If the invoice is not paid in full by the due date, or if the agreed upon first installment is not paid by the due date, the invoice will be canceled. A new invoice will be subject to any price and term update.

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