Dr. Veronica Outlaw

Dr. Veronica Outlaw is a three-timed published author, contributed in three anthologies, and hosted her first anthology – God Restores. After a battle with rejection, domestic abuse, divorce, two miscarriages, single parenting, financial hardship, and failed relationships, Veronica has overcome many trials and tribulations with God.

“Learning to share my life story in completion so the reader understands what I was trying to say was very trying, but satisfying as well.

Being able to articulate to the readers as if they were watching TV caused me to dig deeper into myself.”

Twanna Williams

God Restores Anthology Vol 1 - “Scars!”

“This was my first writing experience. I did not know how to even begin. Dr. Veronica Outlaw guided and directed me throughout the entire project. She helped me to explore deeper within myself to levels that I didn’t know existed. She was patient and kind whenever I reached out for help. I am a senior citizen and not a computer wizard, but she was with me every step of the way.  Every question was answered in a way that I could understand. Thank you Dr. Veronica Outlaw for helping me achieve one of my dreams.  May God continue to bless you to higher heights and deeper depths.”

Cheryl Young

God Restores Anthology Vol 1 - “Roller Coaster Ride!”

“This experience has been exciting, emotional, and eye opening. As I prepared to write I found myself crying tears of sadness, then tears of relief.  Writing this chapter had me reliving past events and I began to praise God immediately.  I have been through so much in my life but God never leaves me alone. Just like when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were in the fiery furnace, God was in the fire with them.  He’s in every storm with me. This experience has rebuilt my confidence and given me hope to keep pushing.”

Montresyal Warren

God Restores Anthology Vol 1 - “I’m Not Afraid Anymore!”

“My experience was just amazing! It was my first time writing my testimony in book form. I was nervous but I was given help when needed. This experience is one I shall never forget.”

Margie Wilkins

God Restores Anthology Vol 1 - “Faith That Prevails!”

“God Restores Publishing blessed me with another platform to witness for the Lord. I am thankful that now my story or assignment can reach even farther. I am thankful that my assignment has the potential to reach more people and be able to live on even after I am gone on to be with the Lord.  Little did I know my assignment had new levels. Thank you Lord and thank you God Restores Publishing.”

Harry Garrett

God Restores Anthology Vol 1 - “Will You Continue Your Assignment?”

Having self-published three books in the past, this is the fastest experience that I have had from start to finish. Experts would say it’s impossible, but Veronica showed us, with God all things are possible. She was readily available and provided great insight. She has impeccable project and time management skills. She significantly reduced the amount of stress writers typically face to get a book published.

Dominique Lewis

God Restores Anthology Vol 1 - “Planted, Blooming: God's Work in My Life!”

My writing experience was an eye-opening experience for me. I love writing but seldom take the time to actually do it. Dr. Outlaw gave me the safe platform and the encouragement to put pen to paper or actually fingers to the computer. With her guidance I was able to complete the project. And deal with the traumatic experiences of my past.

Dr. Helen P. Moore

God Restores Anthology Vol 1 - “Turning Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones!”

They are so patient, encouraging, and professional to work with. I’m so glad I got to work with them and I cannot wait to work on future titles with this company! God Restores Publishing is truly a blessing.

Tocarra Nova

God Restores Publishing Author-Dear Sister

Working with God Restores Publishing was such a great experience and opportunity. I am so pleased with the professionalism and the authenticity of this publishing company ! ! Highly recommended 10/10 for me !

Linda Nunn-Shell

God Restores Anthology Vol 1 - “God IThank You For It All!”

There’s  not a lot one can say when the steps of a good man have been ordered by God, other than To God Be The Glory.  Dr. Veronica Outlaw heard the voice of God with divine instructions regarding God Restores. Because of her obedience, lives have been transformed, healed and delivered through the release of their testimony in writing. Honestly, there’s only one word that comes to mind when I reflect on the writing experience with God Restores Publishing.  ANOINTED!

Tammie Nichols

God Restores Anthology Vol 1 - “From Fear to Forever!”

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