Editing & Formatting

Editing & Formatting

Formatting and editing services can greatly assist you as a writer in preparing your manuscripts for publication while ensuring professional quality.


Document Setup: Begin with a clean, well-formatted manuscript in a standard word processing program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Formatting Guidelines: Refer to Amazon’s formatting guidelines for self-published books, which provide specific instructions regarding margins, fonts, line spacing, and paragraph alignment.

Chapter Breaks: Clearly indicate chapter breaks with consistent formatting, such as centered or bolded chapter titles and page breaks between chapters.

Interior Layout

Text Formatting: Choose a legible font (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial) and ensure consistent font size and style throughout the book. Amazon recommends using standard fonts to ensure compatibility across devices.

Paragraph Formatting: Set uniform paragraph indentation and spacing for a clean and professional appearance. Avoid excessive formatting styles that may distract or confuse readers.

Headers and Footers: Include headers and footers with relevant information such as book title, author name, and page numbers. Ensure that headers and footers are consistent and positioned appropriately.

Page Numbers: Number pages consistently and accurately, starting from the first page of the main content (usually after front matter and dedications).

Front & Back Matter

Title Page: Include a title page with the book title, subtitle (if any), author name, and publisher information (if applicable).

Copyright Page: Include copyright information, ISBN (International Standard Book Number), edition details, publication date, and any disclaimers or legal notices.

Table of Contents: Create a detailed table of contents with page numbers for easy navigation. Ensure that chapter titles and page numbers match the content accurately.

Acknowledgments, Preface, and Introduction: Include any additional front matter sections as per the requirements of your book.

Author Bio and Contact Information: Add an author bio at the end of the book, along with relevant contact information or social media links.

Review and Publication

Proofreading: Review the formatted manuscript thoroughly for any formatting errors, typos, or inconsistencies before finalizing the publication.

Publishing Options: Choose between Kindle eBook and Paperback formats (or both) based on your publishing goals and target audience preferences.

Publishing Timeline: Set a publication date and review Amazon’s publishing timeline to ensure timely availability of your book to readers.

Launch and Promotion: Plan a launch strategy and promotional activities to maximize visibility and sales of your self-published book on Amazon.

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