Meet Dr. V.

Dr. Veronica Outlaw is a Christian, an educator, entrepreneur, conqueror and advocate for domestic abuse, cancer, and caregivers. 

Dr. V. earned a bachelor’s in Information Technology Services and master’s degree in Instructional Technology from Mississippi State University.  She also earned a second master’s degree in Interactive Technology and a PhD in Instructional Leadership from The University of Alabama.

The first half of her life was filled with various types of trauma, ranging from childhood rejection, marriage, domestic abuse, divorce, deception, abandonment, single parenting, two miscarriages, financial ruin, failed relationships, heart breaks, health issues, and lack of purpose, worth, confidence, and self-esteem.  Dr. V. found her outlet in writing, then wrote her first memoir, No Excuses: It Starts with You, to help to minister to those who have experienced domestic abuse and divorce. Her second book, God Is Enough! Keep God First!, describes her personal life challenges, while witnessing the power of faith, forgiveness, and keeping God first in every situation.

Her life’s mission is to write, speak, educate and empower women to develop unapologetic independence and worth and mentor women on the power of forgiveness in order to live an abundant life of peace.

Dr. V. is a four-timed published author, contributed in three anthologies, and hosted her first anthology – God Restores. After a battle with rejection, marriage, domestic abuse, divorce, two miscarriages, single parenting, financial hardship, and failed relationships, with God, Veronica has overcome many trials and tribulations, which turned in her purpose.

The first anthology she hosted produced twelve collaborating authors who released, healed, and broke generational curses. They’ve gone on to share their testimonies to help other people heal. Becoming an author opened doors for them to start their own memoirs, become speakers, and debut on television. This experience birthed God Restores Publishing, LLC. Dr. V’s passion and purpose is to serve others and becoming a publisher enables her to serve while helping others serve in bringing people closer to God with their testimonies.

Veronica is a member of Peter’s Rock Family Worship Center COGIC. She actively serves in the following capacities: Singles Ministry President, Kitchen Director, Adjutant, and Author Ministry. Veronica serves as an advocate for domestic violence, cancer, and caregiving. She’s traveled the U.S. and internationally, demonstrating that there is life after trauma and divorce and that singles can still love and live. She is a single empty nester with one daughter and one grandson.

Our love for God gives us the heart to serve people. God Restores Publishing, LLC is proud to be an independently-owned, minority-owned, woman-owned publishing services provider dedicated to help aspiring authors glorify God, edify people, and bring souls closer to God through their pain to purpose testimonies. We strive to chase passion and purpose, while helping our authors do the same. We give individualized attention to Christian-based books such as memoirs, anthologies, journals, self-help, workbooks, and devotionals. In addition, our Next Level Strategy sessions provide individualized training in various areas to help take your new endeavor to the next level.

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