Bronze Package

This package is for you if you have a comprehensive outline or completed draft of your manuscript and you’re ready for the next step.

  • Types of Manuscripts:  Up to 200 pages, you can get your workbook, devotional, any type of journal, or poetry published.  You will need to have: 1) a comprehensive outline of what you want to include in the content, or 2) the completed draft of the contents.  The same is required for a manuscript over 150 pages for an additional fee.  This option includes 1 image, and more can be added for an additional fee (see À la carte Services).
  • Publish Manuscript: This package includes: initial review with feedback, proofreading, editing, formatting of interior design and layout, custom book cover (physical + ebook), copyright, and ISBN number, 2 author copies of the book, and 1 social media graphic. There are a total of 2 rounds of edits for the book cover and 2 rounds for the interior.  Additional edits can be performed for an additional cost.  The manuscript will be published on Amazon and/or your personal landing page or website (if it exists).   You’ll be able to purchase author copies from an agreed upon print on demand printing company. 
  • You maintain 100% rights and royalties.
  • 30-minute “Next Level Strategy” Session.
  • Timeframe: 3-6 Months
  • Pricing: Payment is due in full before beginning services. 
  • Payment Methods: An invoice will be rendered after your consultation. The invoice will
    have various forms of payment to allow you to pay digitally. Payment must be paid in full before services are rendered. Installments are also available. The invoice you receive after the initial consultation is only valid through the due date provided on that quote or invoice. If the invoice is not paid in full by the due date, or if the agreed upon first installment is not paid by the due date, the invoice will be canceled. A new invoice will be subject to any price and term update.
  • À la carte services can be added to this package.
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